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Methods to Watch Rick and Morty Online

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To celebrate, the animated series was sending a large, Rick-themed bus across the US stuffed full of product.   There is not much to this bus, beyond, you know, a disarmingly great Rick face cloaked in green drool and a slew of overpriced merch.  That did not stop a bunch of people eager to purchase exclusive shirts and toys while posing with the absurd car.  The gathering in Tacoma was so enormous; it spread across four city blocks. One fan even showed up with a tricked-out Jurassic Park Jeep, and its signage was reasonably bonded over to read Anatomy Park as an honor to the TV series' odd episode of the same title.  So, I drove to Tacoma, risked its famous aroma, and snapped pictures of everything you can expect at a Rock mobile tour stop.  The advertising has run sporadically since May, and it'll last through October with stops across the southern and western United States (including, naturally, July's San Diego Comic-Con).  Regrettably, the Nick mobile had nothing in the way of Pickle Rick merch, which we hope will arrive after it and other new string concepts debut from the third season. Theories are tossed around that the real Jerry on the show isn't the Jerry we understood from Season 1.  

Supposedly, Rick and Morty picked up the incorrect Jerry in the Jerry bore at "Marty Night Run" -- that also featured Morty killing Krombopulous Michael -- and that the episode inevitably followed another dimension's Rick and Morty.  Ultimately, this theory conjectures that Jerry became heartened and left Beth at the end of Season 3's premiere since he had been using the wrong Beth.  Needless to say, this theory might be a mistake, with Jerry and Beth genuinely end their awkward marriage, but it does not mean Jerry can't win her back! Needless to say, since every minute of this show inspires a subset of conversations.  But don't hesitate to add on any unquenchable curiosities from the comments below.    

For two seasons in a row, watch Rick and Morty online has created episodes where the characters watch otherworldly TV shows on interdimensional television, because of Rick's nifty gadget, and it has been absolutely genius both times.  The sketch-risque gags have given us classic characters such as Ants In My Eyes Johnson, in addition to hilarious movie trailers between a post-apocalyptic Jan-Michael Vincent.  Intergalactic TV also gave us the Plumbers, which has grown into one of Rick and Morty's most iconic components.  

Hopefully, Season 3 continues the tradition and enthusiasts get far more goofy faux-gaming, with animations based on the very first thing that comes into the minds of Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon.  Otherwise, at least fans have this eccentric live-action sketch in the live stream to utilize.Rick and Morty's fans get easily attached to the goofy tangential characters of the universe, and Krombopulos Michael is an excellent example of that.  The assassin, who will kill anything or anyone (including kids), apparently met his end when Morty accidentally crushed him with Rick's spaceship.  

The scene seemed to show Krombopulos Michael lifeless, but fans have not given up hope, and lots of that hope is rooted in Rick and Morty's "infinite dimensions, endless characters" theory that would enable Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland to pull back another Krombopulos Michael from another dimension.  (Better more of him than Jerrys, right?)  There is also a theory that it was a distinct Krombopulos Michael which might have been killed, that plays right into a Jerry-related theory we will discuss in a little bit.

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