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How To Watch The Walking Dead Streaming

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 But, there are some fans who are looking to go the extra mile and pick up the Limited Edition set.  This Todd McFarlane designed statuette featured one this past year.    For people who don't recall him he was the stunt at the pit being held by The Scavengers who had been used to test Rick Grimes to determine not or if he was worthy of making a deal with.
  YahooTV got a first look at the awesome statue which will accompany the Limited Edition set.  This is what it will look like:
The detail about this statue is remarkable.  From this picture, it's not hard to understand how much effort was put into creating all Winslow's wounds out of spikes seem and the metal bars deadly and realistic.
  Plus, the blood stain on his mind out of Rick's hand adds a wonderful touch to the set and a tiny nod to the survivors of this series also.
  Greg Nicotero talked with Yahoo about the creation of Winslow, and had amazing things to say about how the walker came to life:
More good news comes from the shape of the packaging for the set, which won't highlight Negan as on the conventional version, but will rather be changed out for Winslow on the cover of this 5-disc box set included with the statue.
  As of this writing, there hasn't been a confirmed release date for the launch of this limited number set of The Walking Dead: The Complete Seventh Season, but make certain to keep an eye on Amazon for if it becomes available.
    This year's Season 7 Blu-Ray features the walker so far: Winslow.  If you are a die hard follower, you are likely to need to grab this ASAP. "
 "As you can recognize, #TheWalkingDead limited edition Blu-Ray set includes an epic poem of Winslow.  Officially titled the "Spike Walker Statue," it includes a unique five-disc digipak packaging.  Fans will be able to purchase this collectible exclusively on Amazon in October for a limited time before they sell out. " thewalkingdeadstreaming.net
 The Winslow statue's part is that it interactive.  If you put it back in and eliminate one of those spikes, the sculpture unlocks access to the discs.  This might be one. 
 "This fan-favorite walker has been featured in the episode titled "New Best Friends."  From the episode, Rick faced off in a gladiator arena filled to the brim with garbage to be able to propose a deal.   "Winslow is clearly among the most interesting and special walkers The Walking Dead has ever released.  In actuality, the character that is undead has a very interesting origin story behind him.  Special effects artist, director, and Greg Nicotero, who's the show's executive producer was.  He told Yahoo that producing Winslow for the series was similar to ""an art installation"":"
"Like I said earlier, this isn't the first time AMC and McFarlane Toys have colluded on a limited number DVD set like this one.  In actuality, The Walking Dead has made some DVD sets featuring the walkers from every particular season.  For Season 2, AMC introduced the ""Screwdriver Zombie Head,"" that is a reference to the mind of the RV walker which was brutally put down using a screwdriver into the eye by Andrea.  For the statue, the cool interactive feature included pushing on the screwdriver so that the zombie head raised and the DVD set was shown. "
 Another statue was in the Season 3 limited edition box set, which came that Michonne found in his office.  In actuality, the aquariums can be full of water and the walker heads could be rearranged. 
 To be honest AMC has nailed it when it comes to creating figurines which remind fans each season was tremendous.  It just so occurs that this time around, with the Winslow statue's invention, the really defeated themselves. 
 What do YOU people think of The Walking Dead's Season 7 edition statue?  How does this compare to the other seasons?  Discuss below!

 Robert Kirkman hosted a panel in San Diego Comic-Con that our Head TV Editor, Nick Venable, was present for, and fans got some extra insight into Kirkman's ideas on the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead.  Here's what the franchise's creator had to say about the series handled Negan's brutality, and he experienced it:I must see it with an audience, and as soon as it was happening, I was like...[grimaces].  'That's a little much.'  And you know, everything and the Cudlitz of everything.  Much like, 'Oh man, we thought it was a fantastic idea to do them both.  Alright.'  However, you know, it is very good for the show.  I think it was great to get that event for the season.  I believe a great deal of shows are generally winding down once you get to your season.  I feel like there is plenty of energy and a good deal of blood.It's better to know Robert Kirkman believed the deaths of Abraham and Glenn were tough to watch.  When asked if he regrets shooting Glenn, however, Kirkman jokingly said "not even a little bit," and said his answer was primarily for Steven Yeun, who has said he is a fan of how his character went outside.  While it was hard to observe, Kirkman does have a point that it was powerful, as not many shows in Season 7 can take headlines as powerful as The Walking Dead did as it aired that damn scene.  Credit where credit is due. Kirkman indicated that he was satisfied with how things worked out from the end of the season, and that they will be too: When you guys see Season 8 and what we've got prepared for this season, it will all come together in a manner.Given the volatile five minute trailer The Walking Dead gave us yesterday, that is not in any way surprising.  It is even more reassuring to hear Robert Kirkman is a fan of the season, even though it is not exactly like he would bury a series he is an executive producer on, even though he had been performing a tell-all panel in SDCC.  One has to wonder whether the season "coming together in a cool manner," has anything to do with this strange end to the Season 8 trailer?That's an answer we will probably have to wait for till The Walking Dead come backfor Season 8.  Enthusiasts of the show who can not get enough information on the series at the moment may be interested in seeing the awesome poster to the upcoming season, since it's top notch.  For information regarding shows on now and where to find them, see our summer premiere guide.

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